View Full Version : DataMite version 1.2 to be released tomorrow.

06-21-2006, 05:35 PM
DataMite will be released tomorrow. We have made some great changes to the program. We've enhanced the trap line editing greatly and added some great new features.

Here is a list of the changes we did so far:

*- Trap line position label was not showing in right place.
*- Fixed trap list not displaying properly the trap selected.
*- Trap line always displays the horizontal scrollbar.
*- Fixed trap line scrolling.
*- Sample text will show matching line in different color.
*- Cannot use SQL reserved words in field name anymore.
*- New field size.
*- New field pad options.
*- New field left and right parts to add.
*- New buttons to create new scripts in dialogs.
*- Project file now has the version number to allow for better compatibility later.
*- New Project save data option.
*- New Project input and output encoding options.
*- Report and export editor, when adding a field, it's already set to maximum width.
*- Report and export editor, tool buttons for alignment (left, center, right).
*- Changed default fields size to 1024 instead of 255.