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x_JoM_x 03-02-2010 12:22 AM

For Industrial Use

Does PPL 1 or 2 support the following?

Serial (RS232)

I have a FriendlyARM hardware platform. It uses WinCE5.0
Will PPL be able to support the FriendlyARM?
How about GPIO?
How will this be possible?
How about in the future? This will add supported hardware for PPL.

Thank you.

Nicknack 03-02-2010 05:48 PM

bluetooth (and ethernet?) is avaible over winsock. serial connections also works, there is an example in the default demo folder (rs232.ppl).
in short nearly every topic covered by the windows apis are avaible in PPL, so usb should work too.
how do you access GPIO's, with registers?

x_JoM_x 03-04-2010 07:37 AM

Yes GPIO in FriendlyARM can be accessed via registers.
Although, Im not that good with assembly programming.

Will PPL 1.62 be enough? Or is it necessary to upgrade to v2.0?

Nicknack 03-05-2010 07:47 PM

we can help you out with assebmler code just ask right away.
1.x is free, so I would try it first with that, but of course has 2.x more features and is a little more stable. and don't forget you support kornalius that way, without money we would have no more PPL.

Ralfo 04-01-2010 07:06 AM

well, there is a example in the ppl1.x demo folder, but it is making some trouble if you want to use it without changes for 1.62 and 2.21. At least - you must replace the "New" command for memory allocation - otherwise you will get a compiler error.
This RS232 demo is running by me only with - for example - ppl142. It is a earlier version - I used it for test purpose in 2007. See also my threads for that themes round about 2 years ago.
I resume for that:
Different works with PPC and INTEL PC.
Well running with compilation to my PPC WM5 device, but problems with INTEL PC compilation.
I tested it with a FCB USB to COM adapter. You know modern PCs does not have native RS232 Ports.
1. It is not possible to change the Bytesize to 8 Bit - EVER 7 Bits are transmitting.
2. It is not possible to change the Stopbits to 2 - EVER 1 Stopbit are transmitting.
3. It is possible to change the Baudrate to the desired state.

I have proven the item 1-3 above with a Scope.
Has anybody made other experience with PPL RS232 handling, please let me know.

juppmaifeld 04-13-2010 03:20 PM

Hi Rolfo,

just have a look at this thread:

Maybe this is of any help to you.


Ralfo 04-20-2010 01:27 PM

Hi Jupp,

many thanks, I will take a look at this and give you response.

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