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Default Errors when trying to run PPL 1.6.1 and SERVULUS editors on device

Hey all,
When I try to run the editor or the visual forms editor for v. 1.6.1 on-device I get the runtime error "access violation at 0x3f700b8" with MAIN.PPL and the proc: GETSHORTCUTPATH. Retry/ignore won't get me past it; I can only abort after this shows up.

If you happen to be listening Nicknack (I'll PM you about this as well) I'm having trouble with SERVULUS also. The editor opens up just fine, but when I try to run a simple showMsg("hello"); I get the runtime error "access violation at 0x676bc" with SERVULUS.EXE and the proc: RUN(4,1). When I say OK I am sent back into the editor cleanly the first time, but if I try to run the program again I get a quick series of runtime errors that overlap each other and when I try to click OK or Cancel SERVULUS crashes and asks me to send an error report to microsoft...

I'm running WM 6.0 on an HP iPaq 111-- might it require one of the support programs from the Arianesoft download section? If so, which?

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