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Default App does not exit cleanly!

I have been wrangling with this for a while, and been too busy to post.

Using PPL2 I have written a mobile app, and its all finished apart from one thing;

When I click on the quit/exit icon, the app closes, but ppl still seems to be running in the background and my phone slows down to a crawl. The only way out is to soft reset.

What is the best way to stop the app?

I am currently using Halt, but I guess that that does not work very well.

Here is my exit code;

#code {D:\APP.gam#SPRITE112}
func SPRITE112_OnLeftButtonDown(hWnd$, Msg$, wParam$, lParam$)
// exit
// close down FMODce


// remove all the files we extracted from the package
deletefile(AppPath$ + {logo.jpg});

return (true);

Do i use the send_msg command like in 1.53? or is there a better way to make sure the apps exit cleanly?

Cheers guys
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