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2. I downloaded all your qvga games
3. PPL stands for Pocket Programming Language and the name says it all, it is a own language. anyway its still similar to C, I would call it a simplified C. here a quote from a description: " includes the best elements of C, Pascal, and Basic". you are also able to include C libraries (dll files), like the ones of Microsoft (core.dll,winsock.dll..) or your selfmade ones.
4. currently I'm switching from 1.x to 2.x, so I haven't done sth. serious in 2.x, but 2.x is fully compatible to 1.x , so you can also check out the demos released for 1.x. have a look in the "code sharing" and "made with ppl" threads here in the forum or try some newsletters. we need urgly a summary for them
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