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You are going to realize that this forum is dead and nobody is going to help.There is no support ,there is no forum .....The most examples you can find here are written with previous versions of ppl so they are not working with current version.
hey that is not fair, I have tried to help you, but I am not an expert, I am not a official member of Arianesoft and I don't have unlimited time too. those circumstances, ingrates and a inactive community makes it hard to keep motivated and what come I up with in the end? thank and kindness is enough for me to spend my time on searching and testing to help out, but if you don't even get that minimum will get pointless at some point. I don't want to attack you stratus, you have said thanks to me in the related posts compared to some other persons who did not even this.
btw code written for 1.x is very often compatible to version 2.x (at 95% I guess). of course you have to make some little changes like replacing new with var.
if this forum is dead or not is alone our decision, if everyone contributes a little more it won't be dead.
@udoklatt: I can write an text editor example for you. do you want raw code or virtual code ? object based or not? which functions should be at least supported? maybe sth. similar to my Servulus project (a mobile IDE for all PPL versions)?
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