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Originally Posted by kornalius View Post
I am sorry you feel this way about PPL 2. The problem with Windows Mobile, is that there are too many different devices to support which all have different CPU's, screen resolutions, graphic cards, Windows Mobile versions. It is practically impossible to support them all. The graphic engine we use is called PocketHAL and it probably does not work with your device.

We will probably retire the PPL line of products from the market and concentrate on other products. PPL will most probably continue to live on as a desktop development language with version 3. The compiler / interpreter will be rewritten this time with no Windows Mobile support.
Yes I know Microsoft is not really doing their share to make programming for Windows Mobile easier. Actually the whole Windows Mobile OS may be discontinued in the near future, but who knows.

Anyway, I am not sure you have a valid business concept selling PPL as a desktop programming language with the free Visual Studio compiler out there that can do practically everything and has millions of supporters and tons of free code samples. It's not like PPL is any easier than using a decent Xna framework.

I wish you luck though.
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