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Default Timing Delays

here's is what my code is supposed to do:

- generate a series of random numbers (0 and 1)
- the number in this series must be set to a specific number per second

some computers are faster than others, so i need to put some kind of delay loop. however, i need to make sure that a particular system is capable of produceing a set number of RNG numbers per second (e.g. 9600 bits / second). I have most of it worked out already, but i'm a little confused on how i can finish this up.
One thing that i want to also mention is that the RNG data (bits) will be corrolated with their time domain and fed into a spreadsheet document (.CSV) for further analysis. Any ideas?

f$ = fopen("test.txt", "w"

SampleRate$ = 1000;

for (x$, 1, 25)
ones$ = 0;
zero$ = 0;
// Generate a Series of Random Numbers
for (SampleCount$, 1, SampleRate$)

rand$ = rand(); // Init the RNG
random$ = random(2); // Generate the RNG digit

if (Random$ == 1)
ones$ = ones$ + 1;
zero$ = zero$ + 1;


Deviation$ = SampleRate$ / 2;
Mean$ = ones$ / SampleRate$;

Zscore$ = (ones$ - Mean$) / Deviation$;

writestring(f$, Zscore$);


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Here is something that you will be able to use in PPL version 1.30 later this week:


// Returns counts per second computer can process
f$ = LargeInt(PC$);

// Counter
old$ = LargeInt(PC$);
until (LargeInt(PC$) - old$ >= f$ * 10);

// Ten seconds have passed!

ToLargeInt(1000, PC$);

This will calculate the number of cycles per second based on the speed of the CPU. In this example I let 10 seconds pass before continuing. You can use the frequency value to do some elaborate calculations, I use it with the GameAPI to make sure the games runs at the same speed on different machines.
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The only problem i have with this, is that the code doesn't seem very portable. Which is what i usually try to do with all of my programming projects. At least as much as possable.
What i'm really looking for is just a way to produce a 1200 RNG digits every second. And making sure that can happen on any computer my program is run on.
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It is the most portable solution on Windows and Windows Mobile.

The QueryPerformanceFrequency returns a value that is unique to the speed of each machine or device. This way you can have a program running at the same speed on all devices including the desktop PC no matter what its CPU speed is.
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