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ok most of the issues have been solved, the new welcome looks and feels good
only three problems remain and a new one arises:

run on mobile: if I click on mobile-run button now, it will try to connect, fails, gives the common "ppl uses tcp/ip" error message and after the pide shuts the connection down, the ppl.exe on the mobile device is just being executed (at least I think so). the debug and error log give no further information.
I can still run only compiled for releases files directly on the device, normal compiled ones don't finish the building/compiling process.

groupbox: the radiobuttons are still created as children from groupbox, so they are still black on screen.

menu items: this bug is more involved in PPL 2 than early thought. I made this test:
I used the default winapi skeleton, included swapi.ppl and put a menu_set after the second newmenuitem call. you have to make some changes to this second newmenuitem call, otherway you won't have the handle etc.. so I compiled this code with 1.53 on pocket pc and everything works correctly, the menuitem got a new caption instead of the old "Exit". then I compiled it with PPL 2 and run the compiled code on pocket pc. behold those silly white quadrats are shown. therefore I suspect it is really a new internal problem with strings or whatever of PPL 2.

english keyboard layout: somehow I have now a english keyboard setting instead of a german one. do you have changed something related or is it my fault?
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