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Talking First PPL2 project

Ok, so I have been away from the forum for far too long. Life takes preference at the moment, and what with the lovely weather in the UK at the moment there is not enough time to code (Too busy sat in the garden)

Anyway, I'm back with a new app for you.

2 versions in this zip file

1 x PC version compiled in PPL 1.53
1 x WM 6 version compiled in PPL 2.21

My take on the iPh*ne app of the same name;

A curious problem I have found is that on the PC version, the samples play instantly, yet on the WM6 device there is a 1/2 second delay before the sample is played. Now I dont know if this is PPL2 or FMODCE because for some reason I cannot get the hires patch to work on the PPL 1.53 compiled WM version so cant properly test it on my TG01.

Anyone else seen this issue? Is it PPL or FMODCE? - Is there a way to fix it?


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