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well, there is a example in the ppl1.x demo folder, but it is making some trouble if you want to use it without changes for 1.62 and 2.21. At least - you must replace the "New" command for memory allocation - otherwise you will get a compiler error.
This RS232 demo is running by me only with - for example - ppl142. It is a earlier version - I used it for test purpose in 2007. See also my threads for that themes round about 2 years ago.
I resume for that:
Different works with PPC and INTEL PC.
Well running with compilation to my PPC WM5 device, but problems with INTEL PC compilation.
I tested it with a FCB USB to COM adapter. You know modern PCs does not have native RS232 Ports.
1. It is not possible to change the Bytesize to 8 Bit - EVER 7 Bits are transmitting.
2. It is not possible to change the Stopbits to 2 - EVER 1 Stopbit are transmitting.
3. It is possible to change the Baudrate to the desired state.

I have proven the item 1-3 above with a Scope.
Has anybody made other experience with PPL RS232 handling, please let me know.

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