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Talking Want to play with me???

here finally I finished this fat project somehow:
- a remake of my old minisock: TCP.ppl which lets you write multiplayer games fast and with little trouble. wether bluetooth pan or internet, as long you have an ip addresss this code will work. if used correctly no blocking programs and the server can constantly add clients thanks to threading (see attached screenshot of my chat example). it is that simple, try it out! I have included a nearly complete 2 player tron game with online support.
- for the online support I have added a extra code file: net.ppl. It features several function to connect to my webserver and make information availabe to any on the internet. just register your game and if your port is open, everybody can see and connect to your game (if you are behind a router, you must forward your used port to be able to host games). if you interested, you can use your own webserver, you need only php and mysql. ask me for the needed php code.
- gui.ppl is a remake of ui.ppl and let you create a sprite based graphical user interface. it features buttons, checkboxes, editboxes, listboxes and captions. every graphical item is menu sorted, you can switch between menus with a single command. see my gui system in action in the tron game.

all and everything is open source, three examples are included, every command is shortly documented and it should work for every PPL version and on every device. just download it and play around with the examples.
if this doesn't motivate you to start coding I don't know what else

there is a bug with threads, so sometimes it just chrash. hopefullly kornalius will sort this out with next release
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