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Default Object Oriented Library Project

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 In an effort to keep PPL to compete with other languages, we would like to form a group effort to build an object-oriented library visual controls and other libraries for PPL.

We will start the project with the TFORM and TBUTTON class. Once they are posted here, we would like the community to join in and develop other classes for other controls.

Our resources are very limited at the moment and we cannot hire anyone to work on this project for us. If the community likes PPL enough to help it to keep evolving, now it is your chance to contribute.
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I am not clever enough to be able to write these classes, but I sure can use them. This could be the biggest thing to hit PPL. Let us hope there are a lot of clever people out there willing to help.
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Right now this library is schedule for version 2.0 which should be out early next year. I agree with you, it will improve and open PPL to a new world.
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